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Looking for a fun way to encourage your child’s curiosity? Well, look no further! Having a trivia night with your children is arguably the most incredible way to sharpen their minds, increase their knowledge about the world, and bond with you.

Here we have a collection of general knowledge questions ranging from simple to not-so-simple so that you and your child have the most fun testing (and expanding) your knowledge!

1) The Animal Kingdom!

From the tiny houseflies buzzing around in our homes to the majestic whales swimming in the ocean, animals are all around us! Let’s see how much you know about these notorious children of mother nature with a few questions.

a) What are baby kangaroos called?

  • i) Calf
  • ii) Joey ✔
  • iii) Cubs
  • iv) Fawn

Which is the only flying mammal?

  • i) Crows
  • iii) Cubs
  • ii) Bats ✔
  • iv) Eagles

c) Why do sea otters hold hands?

  • i) Because they are friends
  • ii) Because they don’t want to float away ✔
  • iii) Because they love each other
  • iv) Because they are scared of predators

d) What is a female deer known as?

  • i) Doe ✔
  • ii) Stag
  • iii) Bambi
  • iv) Vixen

e) How many hearts does an octopus have?

  • i) One
  • ii) Five
  • iii) Two
  • iv) Three ✔

2) Bibbity-Bobbity do you know?

There is no question that childhood without Disney is like ice cream without vanilla - edible but tasteless! So test that binge-watched knowledge with these Disney trivia questions!

a) Who is the youngest Disney princess?

  • i) Snow White ✔
  • ii) Ariel
  • iii) Cinderella
  • iv) Belle

b) Who was the demigod in Moana?

  • i) Te-Ka
  • ii) Maui ✔
  • iii) Hei-Hei
  • iv) Te-fiti

c) Who was Mickey Mouse’s pet?

  • i) Chip
  • ii) Pete
  • iii) Goofy
  • iv) Pluto ✔

d) Which food does Winnie-the-pooh love?

  • i) Chocolate (Choco)
  • ii) Pizza (Zaza)
  • iii) Honey (Hunny) ✔
  • iv) Apple (Appy)

e) Who loves hugs in frozen?

  • i) Sven
  • ii) Olaf ✔
  • iii) Kristoff
  • iv) Oken

3) Lights! Cameras! Marvel!

Marvel Cinematic Universe, a collection of masterpieces that need no introduction. Let’s see what you know about this marvelous films.

a) What is the name of Thor’s home?

  • i) Valhalla
  • ii) Oslo
  • iii) Asgard ✔
  • iv) Elysium

b) What were Tony Stark’s final words?

  • i) “I am… Inevitable”
  • ii) “I am… Iron Man ✔
  • iii) “I am… Tony Stark”
  • iv) I am… invincible”

c) Who are Peter Parker’s best friends in Spider-man: Homecoming?

  • i) Ned and Flash
  • ii) Ned and Nick
  • iii) Ned and Liz
  • iv) Ned and MJ ✔

d) What was Scarlet Witch’s real name?

  • i) Wanda Maximoff
  • ii) Natasha Romanoff
  • iii) Kamala Khan
  • iv) Agatha Harkness

e) Which is the strongest metal on earth?

  • i) Adamantium
  • ii) Barium
  • iii) Vibranium ✔
  • iv) Uru

4) Where did we come from?

We must learn from our past in order to have a better future. Let’s see how much you know about world history!

a) Which monuments are the ancient Delhiians famous for?

  • i) Stonehenge
  • ii) Taj Mahal
  • iii) Pyramids ✔
  • iv) Eiffel tower

b) Who painted the Mona Lisa?

  • i) Leonardo DiCaprio
  • ii) Leo Valdez
  • iii) Leonardo Da Vinci ✔
  • iv) Leo Turtle

c) Who gifted the Statue of Liberty to the USA?

  • i) France
  • ii) Germany
  • iii) Italy
  • iv) Spain

d) Which year did India gain independence?

  • i) 1950
  • ii) 1954
  • iii) 1947 ✔
  • iv) 1969

e) Who was the first female sultan of Delhi?

  • i) Razia Sultan ✔
  • ii) Noor Jahan
  • iii) Ruqaiya Sultan
  • iv) Shazia Begum

5) Little Einstein!

We have a never-ending curiosity about the world we live in and science is our only hope to find an answer. Let’s have a look at what you know about science!

a) How do plants make their food?

  • i) Evaporation
  • ii) Photosynthesis ✔
  • iii) Perspiration
  • iv) Transpiration

b) How many planets are there in the solar system?

  • i) 7
  • ii) 11
  • iii) 8 ✔
  • iv) 10

c) Who discovered gravity?

  • i) Albert Einstein
  • ii) Nikola Tesla
  • iii) Marie Curie
  • iv) Sir Isacc Newton

d) Which planet has rings?

  • i) Saturn ✔
  • ii) Mars
  • iii) Neptune
  • iv) Venus

e) How many colors does the rainbow have?

  • i) 6
  • ii) 7 ✔
  • iii) 8
  • iv) 9

6) Know Mother Earth!

She feeds us, she shelters us, she loves us. Let’s see what do you know about our mother earth!

a) Which is the tallest mountain and building in the world?

  • i) Mt. Fiji & Burj Al-Arab
  • ii) Mt. Kailash & Empire State Building
  • iii) Mt. Everest & Burj Khalifa ✔
  • iv) Mt. Jungfrau & The Gherkin

b) Which place is a continent, country, and island?

  • i) Asia
  • ii) Antarctica
  • iii) Austria
  • iv) Australia

c) The deepest point of the earth?

  • i) Indira Point (A&N Islands)
  • ii) Midnight Zone (Twilight)
  • iii) Atlantis (The Palm)
  • iv) Mariana Trench (Challenger Deep) ✔

d) Which is the longest river in the world?

  • i) River Ganges
  • ii) River Amazon
  • iii) River Indus
  • iv) River Nile ✔

e) Which state is the Capital of Canada?

  • i) Ottawa ✔
  • ii) Vancouver
  • iii) Toronto
  • iv) Waterloo

7) Me!

An enigma of nature -- the human body! you know what’s trending on Twitter but what do you know about your anatomy?

a) What are the 5 sensory organs?

  • i) Thighs, Calves, Palms, Spine, Brain
  • ii) Skin, Tongue, Ears, Nose, Eyes ✔
  • iii) Hands, Legs, Toes, Fingers, Heart
  • iv) Hair, Stomach, Knees, Arms, Elbows

b) Which is the strongest part of our body?

  • i) Skull
  • ii) Rib-cage
  • iii) Femur
  • iv) Teeth ✔

c) What is our breathing organ?

  • i) Lungs ✔
  • ii) Brain
  • iii) Heart
  • iv) Stomach

d) Which part of your body pumps blood?

  • i) Lungs
  • ii) Brain
  • iii) Heart
  • iv) Bone Marrow

e) Which gas do human beings exhale?

  • i) Oxygen
  • ii) Methane
  • iii) Carbon Dioxide ✔
  • iv) Helium

8) La di da!

Imagine a world without music. Makes you cry, doesn’t it? Music, the art form that unites us, that brings us immeasurable joy -- let’s see how much general music-industry knowledge you have?

a) Which band was Freddie Mercury the lead vocalist of?

  • i) Pink Floyd
  • ii) Queen ✔
  • iii) The Beatles
  • iv) Aerosmith

b) Who sang the famous song “Love Story”?

  • i) Selena Gomez
  • ii) Ariana Grande
  • iii) Taylor Swift ✔
  • iv) Demi Lovato

c) Which award is the highest honor in music?

  • i) Emmys
  • ii) Grammys ✔
  • iii) Oscars
  • iv) Tonys

d) Which musician is dubbed the ‘King of Pop’?

  • i) Madonna
  • ii) Stevie Wonder
  • iii) Diana Ross
  • iv) Michael Jackson ✔

e) ‘Up All Night’ is the debut album of which famous boy band?

  • i) One Direction ✔
  • ii) Jonas Brothers
  • iii) Twenty-one Pilots
  • iv) NSYNC

9) Kickin it!

Whether it is watching a cricket match on TV or playing football in the park, sports was, is, and will always be an essential part of everyone’s life. Let’s see what all you know about this iconic genre?

a) Tom Daley is popular for which Olympic sport?

  • i) Weightlifting
  • ii) Swimming ✔
  • iii) Shooting
  • iv) Wrestling

b) Which sister-duo is famous for their legendary tennis skills?

  • i) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
  • ii) Elle and Dakota Fanning
  • iii) Beyonce and Solange Knowles
  • iv) Serena and Venus Williams ✔

c) Which country was the winner of the 2011 cricket world cup?

  • i) India ✔
  • ii) England
  • iii) Pakistan
  • iv) Australia

d) The Olympics are held every how many years?

  • i) 5 years
  • ii) 3 years
  • iii) 4 years ✔
  • iv) 6 years

e) Which Football star is married to a spice girl?

  • i) Cristiano Ronaldo
  • ii) Zlatan Ibrahimović
  • iii) Lionel Messi
  • iv) David Beckham ✔

10) Bookworm-ing!

Tales of bravery, love, royalty, wealth and so much more have been sent out into the world by creators for our bliss. Have you had a red? Prove it!

a) What is Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson’s address?

  • i) 221C Cooker Street
  • ii) 112C Cooker Street
  • iii) 221B Baker Street ✔
  • iv) 112B Baker Street

b) Who is “The Brightest Witch Of Her Age” in the Harry Potter series?

  • i) Ginny Weasley
  • ii) Bellatrix Lestrange
  • iii) Luna Lovegood
  • iv) Hermione Granger ✔

c) What is the name of the camp that trains Greek demigods in Percy Jackson?

  • i) Camp Jupiter
  • ii) Camp Half-Blood ✔
  • iii) Camp Demigod
  • iv) Camps Heroes of Olympus

d) Who is Rodrick Heffley in the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’?

  • i) Wimpy Kid’s Older Brother ✔
  • ii) Wimpy Kids Father
  • iii) Wimpy Kid’s Pet
  • iv) Wimpy Kid’s Younger Brother

e) What is Miss Trunchbull’s first name in Matilda?

  • i) Jennifer
  • ii) Lavender
  • iii) Zinnia
  • iv) Agatha ✔

11) GK TIME!

Test all you know in this random question quiz!

a) Which is the shortest month in a year?

  • i) January
  • ii) February ✔
  • iii) April
  • iv) May

b) What is Cupid the god of?

  • i) Love ✔
  • ii) War
  • iii) Anger
  • iv) Money

c) How many sides does a pentagon have?

  • i) 1
  • ii) 5 ✔
  • iii) 3
  • iv) 7

d) Who was the first man on the moon?

  • i) Buzz Aldrin
  • ii) Anthony Nelson
  • iii) Neil Armstrong ✔
  • iv) Roger Healy

e) On which social media site can you post your images?

  • i) Instagram ✔
  • ii) Twitter
  • iii) Tumblr
  • iv) Reddit

f) Who is considered the father of India?

  • i) Bhagat Singh
  • ii) Aryabhatta
  • iii) Kishore Kumar
  • iv) Mahatma Gandhi ✔

g) What is the name of Michelle Obama’s Husband?

  • i) Brock Obama
  • ii) Barack Obama ✔
  • iii) Brian Obama
  • iv) Ben Obama

h) In which direction does the sun set?

  • i) North
  • ii) South
  • iii) East
  • iv) West ✔

i) Who is the founder of apple?

  • i) Tim Cook
  • ii) Bill Gates
  • iii) Steve Jobs ✔
  • iv) Jeff Bezos

j) What is 3487 x 0?

  • i) 3487
  • ii) 0 ✔
  • iii) 1
  • iv) 6974

In the famous words of Looney Tunes, “That’s all, folks!”. Hope you and your family had a blast during this trivia game and learned/taught new things along the way! If you have any feedback and/or any suggestions then scroll that screen and let us know in the comments! Have a good day, Adios!

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