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Mandala Colouring Book For Adults 1

  • 200.00 160.00
  • Year:2023
  • Page:66
  • ISBN:9789393617149
  • DIMENSION: 279.40 x 279.40 x 0.70 mm
  • WEIGHT:340.00 gm

Mandala (Sanskrit: Mandal) represents and signifies the spiritual journey.

It is a symbol of the Universe in its ideal form, transforming the suffering of the world into boundless joy.

Mandala Art refers to any form of circular geometric design that contains symbols of person’s inner self, guiding principles and overall ideas about the world.

The objects can be abstract designs or specific designs of people, animals, places, etc. Mandala Art and Doodling Art have been used as art therapy.It is used to focus the mind in meditation and lead a person to spiritual healing and enlightenment.

Doodling Art is underrated as an art form, but it’s a fun way to express yourself and a brilliant way to experiment and learn how to draw.

It’s an amazing hobby to not only build the brain but also keep you engaged, happy and energetic!

Our goal is to encourage the development of non-cognitive skills as well as life skills with fun activities and some basic rules to follow that open the door to amazing spontaneous creativity.

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